Brand New Consultants

Our mission is to help new, small, and growing businesses operate more efficiently and effectively. We achieve this by streamlining processes by handling the daunting day-to-day administrative tasks that many business owners don’t have time to deal with. While also bring new and inventive ideas to the table to help grow and scale their business.  

Our CEO Lachyi Bland started Brand New Consultants when she identified that many business owners of smaller and growing businesses lacked the time or skills it took to tackle the day-to-day administrative tasks and inventive knowledge needed to grow their business. She heard owners talked about how they wished they didn’t have to deal with answering emails, keeping up with and filing important papers, or even having to look at their social media accounts.

So she took the skills and knowledge she gained in her 10+ year career in the healthcare field, working in supervisor administration roles, working & running the office for an INC 500 company, and developed Brand New Consultants. Here we specialize in giving business owners time back to focus on doing what they love doing, being a present part of their business.